NIB 1940 Home For The Holidays Presents Visions Of Santa Musical. PPU in Clear Lake, Bay Glen near Space Center and CLC Blvd.
New in box Retail:$17.00 -The Eclipse Room Darkening Wrap Around Curtain Rod is designed to wrap around your window frame to block sidelight, reduce noise, and enhance privacy -The telescoping rod is adjustable in length from 48-86" to fit your window and projects 3.125" from the wall -The 5/8" diameter of the rod makes it suited for your kitchen, bedroom, dining room, and living room Pair with...
Wooden anchor decor, can be hung on the wall or front door. Size is about 30 h x 24 w. $10, ppu in Seabrook
Distressed arrow wall decor from Hobby Lobby, never used for the project. Size: 36 x 9 . Ppu in Seabrook , $5