Two SAM G930T GS7 32G Gold Kit. Both have broken screens n need to be replaced. $50 EACH. Team mobile service previously but can be switched to another carrier.
1 pajama pants 1 swim top 2 shorts 2 lingerie sets- unworn 2 tanks 2 camis 1 dress 2 blouses 1 cardigan
2 black rubber discus 1kg & 1.6kg, discus carrier. 2 shot puts. competition cast iron 8.8 lb & 6lb. track shirt included
Cleo was the most terrified kitty I have ever rescued. She was in a trap at the pound and shaking. She likes pets and is much calmer now She will come around and be a real sweetheart.
Rocket had been in a tiny two x 2ft cage in the pound for 4 mnths. He was a TNR cat at 1 time, he has a clipped ear. The City of Humble does not acknowledge TNR, so he was picked up, instead of being released back. He allowed pets on his back only. He is not feral, he will meow to us. Still terrified and runs. He is getting better, but may never be a lap cat.
The adopter should at least have a yard for him to run around and play, have time for him and be loving. Shep is Kind, energetic and cuddles alot well behaved needs alot of attention. Loves kids and adults He is very attentive to others and is very playful. Likes running and jumping. Needs a loving caring owner that has time for him. Only about a year old.
Ailani has been with us since she was two month old and is now 2.5 yrs old. She s been a huge part of our family. Unfortunately she has now started showing signs of dog aggression to our older dog and for the safety of our family and Ailani I think it s best we find a new home for her where she can be loved as an only dog. She is potty trained and has nice manners. She adores people and especia...
Very timid and afraid. She was friendly before her kittens were weaned and now doesn't want attention.